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Welcome to the Friends of Omers Gully Wood!

We are volunteering residents from Burghfield who would like to improve Omers Gully Wood in a way that is sensitive to nature in order to make it more attractive to visitors and better for wildlife.

We would like to involve all the community, including school children.

Omers Gully Woods occupies 3.6 hectares of ancient woodland on the northern edge of Burghfield Common, Reading. The woodland occupies a steep sided gully making access challenging. There is a stream flowing year round along the bottom.

Please take a look at the About Us page to see location map and available walking routes in the Omers Gully Wood.

Omers Gully Wood

The woodland is divided into 3 compartments. The management of the recently coppiced Compartment 1 is by Englefield Estate whilst Compartments 2 and 3 are jointly managed by The Friends of Omers Gully Wood and West Berkshire Council.

Visit our Events page to find out where and when can you meet us,
also get information and dates of our planned activities, community trips, just like our most popular Skip Events & Community Litter Pick and more.

If you have comments about this website, we would like to hear from you! Please send your opinion to secretary@friendsofomersgullywood.co.uk

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